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12 March 2012 Public Hearing

The Maryland Department of Environment held a public hearing 12 March at the Crofton Library. Two water use permits for the construction of the Chesapeake Terrace rubble landfill were the topics of the hearing.
Meeting room starting to fill up People started coming in to the meeting well before 4:00 and librarians had to keep bringing more chairs. There were about 50 people attending.
Don Cox and Mark Schultz representing National Waste Managers Don Cox and Mark Schultz represented National Waste Managers, Inc. They gave the presentation of what the two permits were about.
One permit was for 39,000 gallons per day of ground water and 76,000 gallons per day during the month of maximum use, from a perched water table on the Halle land. House hold wells near the landfill site
Details of the plans shown at the presentation. (Courtesy of Sue Meyers)
They said that at most eight local wells were using water from this water table. All the other house hold wells were drilled through a massive clay layer and would not be affected. The water table would be lowered by six feet and if that detrimentally affected any of the eight shallow wells, the National Waste Managers company would drill new wells through the clay layer.

The other permit was to manage storm water run off while excavating the remaining sand and gravel from the site.
State Senator Ed Reilly (stock) State Senator Ed Reilly pointed out that neither the state nor the county wanted to have the rubble landfill. Also present were representatives from the county, Brenda Reiber and Jody Leddy.

After the presentation, there were many questions from the public. It was pointed out many times that the only thing being covered in this hearing, was the question of the water permits. This seemed to frustrate many of the homeowners.

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