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Cunningham deal

The Capital December 15, 2005
Crofton News-Crier December 29,2005

Your article (The Capital, Nov. 15) (News-Crier, Nov. 22) regarding Torrey Jacobson's relationship to any agreement between Cunningham Sand and Gravel and the Four Seasons Community Association, or FSCA, is at best a partial truth.

The FSCA included Mr. Jacobsen in an advisory capacity in our negotiations with Cunningham to eliminate the negotiating strategy employed by Cunningham -- threatening that the Greater Crofton Council, or GCC, would sign if we would not.

Mr. Jacobsen did play a role in helping to craft an agreement protective of FSCA homes and may well have enabled the FSCA to get a stronger agreement than it might have otherwise achieved. Only after the FSCA voted to oppose the extension of the mining operation closer to our community did I learn that Mr. Jacobsen was prepared to sign an agreement with Cunningham, making the strategy used by Cunningham real.

In light of the GCC signing an enabling contract, the FSCA held a meeting to reconsider the previous action. At that meeting, Mr. Jacobsen pledged not to sign any such agreement, Mr. Jacobson held that he was not acting on the FSCA's behalf, but was negotiating to prevent additional traffic from any expanded operation on Route 3.

As a result, the FSCA decided to sign an agreement to ensure that the protections previously negotiated with GCC support would be put in place, rather than relying on the less beneficial county and state minimum requirements.

The FSCA agreement continues to limit Cunningham truck traffic to the current levels, achieving the GCC's aim: protecting its communities all along the Route 3 corridor. I believe Mr. Jacobsen tried his best to work in the best interest of the many communities he represents, even when they appeared not to agree.

JOAN C. BERRY President
Four Seasons Community Association Gambrills

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