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The Last John J. Klocko III Award Ceremony

All information was taken shamelessly from the speaking notes that Mike Finley graciously lent the webmaster.
All errors are the webmaster's.

Talking and eating
The ceremony was held at the Big Fish on 30 May 2012.

Mike Finley
The chairman of the board of the John J. Klocko Scholarship for Leadership Excellence, Mike Finley
said that this year's awards would be the last ones. With the three awards presented
this year, a total of 27 high school seniors have been honored. He said that all
these seniors had exhibited all of the skills that are the hallmarks of strong leaders.
They are self-confident, but not boastful. They have developed trust among peers and
adults alike. They are organized and highly motivated to achieve their goals, but
the balance that with empathy for those around them. And, above all, they work with
teams of other students, church members, and community residents - finding common
ground and building connections to lead toward change.

Several former scholarship winners were there to mark the last of the scholarship program.
And each spoke about their scholarly activities.

Janna Becker
Janna Becker was the very first Arundel High School winner in 2004.

Steven Hager
Steven Hager also from Arundel was the winner of the 2007 scholarship.

Erika Yost
Erika Yost was the South River 2009 awards winner.

Many of the past winners who could not attend sent in letters telling of their achievements.
Among those who wrote in were,
Torrey Jacobsen III (2005 Arundel HS), Kristin Beach (2005 South River HS),
Emily Humbert née Blankinship (2005 Southern HS),
Nicole Aylor (2007 Southern HS) Nila Roshan (2007 South River HS),
Natalie Street (2008 South River HS), Mary Rosenkrans (2009 Arundel HS)
and Ben Catterton (2010 Southern HS).

Unlike previous awards ceremonies, there was no keynote speaker.
Instead, people spoke on how John Klocko inspired them.

Pam Connolly
Pam Connolly was the first to reminisce about John.

Karen Klocko
After Karen Klocko, often with tears in her eyes, spoke about John,
she handed out this year's awards.

Karen with Mike Neary of Arundel HS
Michael Neary of Arundel High School, was the first recipient of this year's Klocko scholarship.
He tutored with the National Honor Society, took on acting and directing roles in the Drama
and Improv Clubs, mentored freshmen, and anchored the morning announcements.
Michael excelled in academics, school leadership and community volunteerism.
He will be attending UMBC in the fall.

Hannah Street of South River HS
Hannah Street of South River High School, was the next to receive a scholarship.
She was captain of the lacrosse team, and a Gold Award winner in the Girl Scouts.
She was president of Best Buddies, captain of Unified Bowling
and a coach for both the Special Olympics and Adaptive Lacrosse.
She put her athletic and leadership skill to use for those who most needed a helping hand.

Karen and Jennifer Walker of Southern HS
Jennifer Walker of Southern High School, was the third winner.
She had been Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, vice president of the National Honor Society,
a member and captain of various sports teams - from lacrosse to indoor track -
and a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
She also volunteered last summer at the Anne Arundel Medical Center's oncology department.
She will be attending Greensboro College in the fall.

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