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Crofton Night Out - 6 August 2013

National Night Out Target Logo
Target was a national sponsor.
National Night Out
Target provided hundreds of hotdogs, fruit salad, volunteers, a moon bounce, and lots of other stuff.
Thank you Target!
People getting hotdogs People lined up for the free hotdogs. George Clapp of Coventry I and Jim of Target make hotdogs George Clapp of Coventry I and a Target volunteer cooked up 500 hotdogs.
Hundreds of people came.
Crofton Branch Manager and one of the organizers of the event, Ruby Jaby, stopped counting at 400.
police helicopter
A police helicopter made its appearance.
Kids body paint
Kids and their moms lined up for kids body paint.
long lines at the Moon Bounce and slide
Lots of kids enjoyed the Moon Bounce and Slide.
Police Armored Car
The police showed off their armored car.
Police boat
The police also have a power boat.
The superhero, Ironman showed up.
As did Spiderman.
Cleebree Learning Center
Celebree Learning Center had a table.
County recycling.
County recycling showed off its pencils made from recycled paper, and other items.
Police clown
The police clown was a big hit.
Police dog
The police dogs always draw a crowd.
Fire truck arrives
The first fire tuck arrived.
Inside a fire truck
Inside a fire truck.
Blood Drive
Because of the crowd the blood drive made better than their goal!
Mobile Command and Control Unit
The county's Mobile Command and Control Unit was very impressive.

the Crofton Regional Community Center tent
The proposed Crofton Regional Community Center showed plans of what was hoped for.
Bike police
The police showed off their state of the art bicycle.
Fruit salad instead of chips
This year had fruit salad instead of chips.
The police had several tents
The police had several tents.
Councilman Walker
Councilman Walker leant a hand.
André Gariepy of the GCC with School board member Andrew Pruski
André Gariepy and School board member Andrew Pruski, with Abby (front) and Dallas.

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